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I met Don Smith through craigslist. He does awesome paintless dent repair in the Dothan, Alabama area. Many years experience working for various dealerships and body shops around here. I have a half dollar size ding in my passenger driver side. He fixed it right on the spot in less than 30 minutes. I can safely say he did a great job. Highly recommended for all dings, dents, and hail damage.

Tim J.



Don Smith was a pleasure to do business with! Pleasant, professional, and prompt.

I had a door crease right along the edge and Don Smith immediately pointed out that because of the location, the seam may not be 100% correctable. That being said, he assured me he could get it close to that and boy did he!

He even did a little paint touch-up where the door was originally damaged. All done in a timely, efficient manner.

You want honest, quality dent repair done, Don Smith is your man!

Perry F



Don Smith did a great job on the Prius I asked him to bang out a dent on my 2001 4runner. Once again another job well done! Thanks again!

Andrew G



What can I say. Don Smith is the man! I got this terrible dent on the body line of my car. I got quotes from 5 different guys. Some said they had to repaint my car. Some didn't even call me back! I felt that it was an industry where it's hard to trust a guy to be qualified and knowledgeable enough to touch my car. Great customer service and all around nice guy. Rest assured you can trust him. He'll give you a reasonable price and quality workmanship. He is now my go to guy. Please don't get ripped off by other dent repair guys. Go to Don Smith. He was honest and said he can get it to about 90% but I was impressed! It's 100%. I recommend this guy.

Andrew G.



This is the 2nd 2013 vehicle Don Smith worked on for me. Both times 5/5 stars.

Professional mobile PDR service at a very reasonable rate. Granted, the quarter panel was not restored to factory curves, but Don Smith gave a good effort (2 hrs) and I am pleased with his skills.

I blame my trade and OCD for grading the result at 80% restoration - primarily as the curves do not align with the bumpers. For most, this is exceptional work and I doubt shops can do better without resorting to bondo.

Looks like he may have slipped and chipped off a minuscule spot of paint on the tip of the body above the tail light. Not a big deal, can be retouched.

Highly recommended.

John H.


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